Freelance SEO Consultants vs. SEO Agencies


What is the difference between SEO freelancers and SEO agencies?

The primary distinction is that freelancers are self-employed consultants. In principle, freelance SEOs may operate from anywhere with clients from anywhere, but they’re generally self-employed and have a local client base.

SEO firms provide comparable consulting services, but they employ a huge staff. An SEO agency might be as little as a few of individuals or as large as hundreds. In addition to SEO, SEO businesses frequently provide other internet marketing services such as web design, pay-per-click advertising, and display advertising.


As with other service-based businesses, freelance SEOs are often less expensive than SEO companies. Offices and sales teams, finance departments, and account managers all have greater overheads in agencies. Because most freelancers operate from home offices, their overheads are greatly reduced.

Most SEO businesses and freelancers charge an hourly or daily payment for their services.


The real SEO procedure that agencies and independent SEO consultants use is often very similar. For optimising a website, there is a reasonably well-developed best practise procedure that looks something like this:

Searching for keywords
Optimal technical performance
Optimization of the website
Creating connections
The terminology used in reporting and the specifics of each step will differ from one agency to the next and from one consultant to the next, but most will follow this formula in general. Some freelancers specialise in one aspect of the SEO process, such as link building, but the majority are all-rounders who can handle all aspects of the process.

The most significant distinction between a company and an agency is likely the amount of account management participation, which may be beneficial for larger campaigns with well-known brands.


As a firm contemplating working with a consultant or a consultancy, it is your job to get reassurance regarding the trustworthiness, credibility, and performance of whom you engage to execute your SEO.

Check their clients’ results in Google search results and ask for recommendations from other customers regarding their experience working with the agency or freelancer.

The benefit of having a multi-disciplinary team at their disposal, made up of departmental specialists like link builders and copywriters, is often touted by agencies. This is obviously a benefit, but freelancers with more personal experience on your project are typically able to provide superior service and outcomes.


Although having a team may provide agencies an advantage in this regard, freelancers are frequently ex-agency employees who have spent more time in the SEO industry and are at the top of their game. When dealing with an agency, be sure to get reassurance regarding the team members who will be working on your project’s experience. Sloppy SEO work performed by inexperienced experts can often cause more harm than good to your website’s search rankings.

Experts in the field

In various businesses, managing an SEO strategy has different obstacles, and having professional experience working in a certain industry can be a significant benefit. Some SEO experts will specialise in a certain industry, such as travel, retail, or finance, or in a specific geographic location, such as local firms in London. Most SEO agencies do not specialise in a sector because they would quickly run out of potential clients (as an agency should only work with one site in a specific niche to avoid conflict between clients), so they may be more generalists, but they can often draw on knowledge from other campaigns in the same niche.


Some bigger SEO firms have created custom tools to oversee and report on their clients’ efforts. Although technology is a key aspect of SEO, the greatest SEO tools are often available to everyone (at a price). The majority of SEO agency tools are intended to provide data and expedite certain aspects of the SEO process. They can undoubtedly assist, but keep in mind that there is no magic tool or piece of technology that can get you higher search ranks; only good, solid SEO work and the human touch will achieve that.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to whether a freelancer or an agency is preferable for your SEO assignment. When considering offers, I’d recommend speaking with both, weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each, and eventually selecting based on the quality of their provided solution and personal references’ credibility.